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Passionate media creative, born and raised in South West England who now resides in London.

Growing up in a family of avid travellers, the thrill of exploring the world was never far away for James.

James, 22, kickstarted his career in landing a job at the world's largest instagram travel agency: Beautiful Destinations as a key member on their exclusive content team in 2016. He’s since gone solo into the world of professional photography, earning an impressive catalogue of clients, including Tourism Australia, Canon, Shangri-La & Hyundai. He’s also a UK Ambassador for luxury luggage brand Briggs & Riley and works with selected brands that offer the same synergy of his work. As a passionate, driven, creative, his photos have be used on the cover of global popular publications such as Lonely Planet and Wanderlust Magazine. James has been recognised as one of the industries leading travel influencers, reverently nominated for 2019’s Shorty Awards for his engaging & thought provoking content on social media.

Over the past 18 months, he’s explored 25 countries, capturing their iconic landscapes & using the power of visual storytelling to delve into their unique cultures - all whilst documenting his travels on his Instagram account @JamesRelfDyer, home to almost 300k followers, for the world to gather inspiration & follow their inner wanderlust.

I do get asked about the type of equipment that I use whilst on my adventures, so I've listed them below, as well as ways to get in touch!



Currently : England, UK

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 Fulham, London, UK



Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 6D

Canon 16 - 24mm F/2.8 II

Canon 24 - 70mm F/2.8 II

Canon 24 - 104mm F/4

Canon 70 - 200mm F/2.8 I

Canon 50mm F/1.4

DJI Mavic 2 Pro