Rouen to Paris | The In-Seine Experience

Paris to Rouen | The In-Seine Experience

R. Seine Uniworld Cruise | Paris & Rouen

Dates : 05.09.17 - 11.09.17

By James Relf Dyer

You know the feeling you get when you’ve never experienced something before & you’re excited for what’s to come? That’s exactly how I felt when I landed in Paris a few weeks ago…

My days were all set out, our all inclusive activities had been booked & where I was staying (the icing on the cake) was on a top-of-the-range split level river cruise ship operated by U by Uniworld! A week of fun awaited, travelling on a return trip from Paris to Rouen in Normandy! Sam & I had decided to explore the French Capital of Paris a few days before the Maiden Voyage of our cruise ship “The B” took to the waters of the River Seine, to give us a little bit more time to hit up our planned spots around the city to capture the iconic sights at sunrise through to sunset. From Trocdero to the Louvre, The Sacre Coeur to the Effiel - in the 48 hours we had we to play with, we ticked off more or less all of the well known landmarks; we surprised ourselves on how we did it but somehow we pulled through to deliver! On the Saturday, we checked out & beelined straight to Pier Grenelle to kick off the main event…

We were one of the first passengers to check in, so it gave us sometime to freshen up & explore the decks of our home for the next fire days. Split over two levels, this ship was filled with state of the art gizmos & decorated in monochromes & golds. From 76 cosy cabins, 4 suites, 2 bars, 1 open plan dining room, a disco floor, a gym & huge top deck lounging space - our floating hotel was incredible from bow to stern! Soon everyone was settled in & the ship was ready to set sail. As the sun sank in to a pool of oranges and yellows, the golden glow from the Eiffel began to shine bright & with a glass of champagne in hand, everyone congregated to the top deck to celebrate the first official voyage of our homestead ship: ’The B.’ With a smash of the bottle on the portside, we set off paper lanterns to light up the night & danced our way into a new day...our adventure had begun! 

The day began with a hearty, full set meal brunch, but here's the twist - on board a moving glass ceiling bus which drove us around the city to take in the sights & sounds from a different perspective! Can safely say I will never be able to eat Eggs Benedict, whilst travelling down the Champs Elysees & then doing a 360 loop around the Arc De Triomphe! It was an experience I'll never forget. Our 3 hour tour ended back at ship, & we had the chance to head out on 'Rooftop Tour' where we got to view the city from new heights & imagine that we we're in the iconic scenes of Moulin Rouge! Our day came to a close when we went up the Eiffel Tower for sunset; we beat the queues & headed up to enjoy the magnificent Parisian cityscape turn on their lights. 

I awoke to the sound of birds & sight of the Normandy countryside as we travelled overnight to the heart of Rouen. I could get used to these country views slowing moving by the windows of my cabin! Our second day was a day on river so had time to enjoy what our ship had to offer! Morning Yoga on the front deck, Culinary workshops on French cuisines, Wine Tasting classes & even Movie / Silent Disco evenings planned out our day & all exceeded my expectations, and was remarkable considering we were on board a moving ship! A day well spent! 

We docked in Rouen for an afternoon of walking tours, delving into the history of Van Gogh's home city as well as his childhood. It took us around the towering Cathedral & quaint side streets before re-boarding to make our way back to Paris! 

Huge thanks to Uniworld & their wonderful team who took care of every single one us on board & all our needs as well as spoiling us with experiences in each destination. Special thanks also to all fellow friends who joined along for the ride,  making this journey a trip to remember. 

For information on the route I sailed & all inclusive activities on board the The B Ship, click here. 

J A M E S   R E L F   D Y E R

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