Tourism Alberta



What an action packed four days this whirlwind of a trip was! Thanks to Travel Alberta, I'd never had the chance to explore Canada & what a way it chance it was to introduce me to this insane part of our world. It had been on my bucket-list for a good 2 years beforehand & oh boy was it a magical, winter wonderland!  Though it was cold, (some nights hitting -25C..!) the winter with the beautiful snow covered Rockies & frozen waters, it was still an awesome, dynamic place. Myself & great friend Alen Palander (@Alenpalander) flew into Edmonton, jumped in our 4x4 & B-lined for Jasper National Park. Over the next few days we meandered our way down the Icefields Parkway which has to be up there as one of the best scenic drives I've ever done and into the world renowned Banff National Park! What awaited where chilly sunrises, helicopter flights up over the mountain ranges, to down below, ice walking in Maligne Canyon...we really saw it all. I'm beyond blessed to work with them & hope I to return n' capture a different season to take in a new level of beauty that the snow had been hiding from us..

Here is a collection of all the places the pair of us visited. Photographs just don't do this place justice, you really have to see for yourself! I can't wait to return one day.