Man, I just love Greece. The islands of Santorini & Mykonos to be specific. The whitewashed villages, mosaic-paved alleyways & perfect views for miles around are just a few of the reasons why. I've been fortunate to visit three times since I began my travels back in 2015 & every time I've visited Santorini, Charisma Suites has always risen to the occasion & hosted me; it feels like home away from home! It's the only resort on the island to have a sunset view, and there's nothing more magical than to take dip in the infinity pool with a cocktail as the sun sinks beyond the horizon. Pure bliss! It's situated on the northern tip in uber-famous village of Oia where I can assure you, feels wandering inside a fairytale...Some destinations inevitably disappoint you. Venice can be a sweaty, expensive mess in the summer; the Mona Lisa can barely be seen behind the mass of smartphones.

But Oia — and Santorini — do not disappoint. They're just as beautiful as you imagine.